Tualatin basketball makes history

Victoria Gillard, Staff Writer

Ranked #1 in the state, the Tualatin Timberwolves boys’ basketball team was determined to take home the championship title this season. The COVID-19 related shut-down in January challenged the team, but they came back motivated to put in the work and win the 6A Boys’ Basketball State Tournament. Their exceptional teamwork and continued resilience along with support from the student section and fans throughout the season, made these tenacious Wolves unstoppable. 

Seniors Malik Ross and Kellen Hale and junior Josiah Lake exemplified outstanding sportsmanship for the team, setting an example for the lowerclassmen and leading their team to victory throughout the season. 


What has motivated you throughout the basketball season? 

Kellen Hale: “The way football ended. We lost in the championship and all wanted to get revenge and win the championship for basketball.” 


Did you and your teammates have any hurdles to overcome throughout the season? 

Josiah Lake: “Injuries were probably a big part of it. Some guys got leg injuries, and just being out for COVID for two weeks hurt us a little bit, but we bounced back.” 


Hale: “We got shut down In January due to COVID, which challenged us, but it brought us closer and we bounced back.” 


What emotions ran through you as you shot the winning free throws at the Lake Oswego game, advancing your team in the playoffs? 

Malik Ross: “I’m just thankful I made them because if I missed we probably would have lost. I thank God for that win. That was God’s work.” 


Win after win, the Wolves persevered and continued putting in hard work in order to make it to the playoffs and take home the top trophy.


What was your attitude like going into the championship game? 

Hale: “Let’s get it this time.” 


How did you feel having the whole student body behind you, supporting you and your teammates and looking up to you as the MVP? 

Lake: “Everyone was so supportive. All of the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and even the freshmen were all at the games.” 


What does winning State mean to you personally as well as to the school and community? 

Ross: “It has impacted the community really positively. People we didn’t even know were celebrating with us. It was great to see how happy the community was, especially after losing the championship for football. We did this for them, and they were a big part of us winning.” 


Lake: “Personally, it was a big accomplishment because it was something I always wanted to do, and not many people get the chance to do it. As a school, it’s the first time in history, so it’s a big deal.”  


How did it feel winning State your senior year and making history at Tualatin High School?

Ross: “It was a dream come true, and I wouldn’t want to do it with any other group of guys. Especially my senior year, I didn’t want to go out on a loss.” 


The 2021-2022 Timberwolves capped off an amazing season of sports with a 6A championship in boys’ basketball. In the fall, Tualatin football made an exciting run through the playoffs to the championship game. After a disappointing loss in the final football game, the Wolves were more determined than ever to make history and bring home the state title in basketball.