Overheard at Prom

Madison Dowell, Staff Writer

Student 1: Hey, I love your dress!


Student 2: Thanks, I love yours too!


Student 3: They’re both the same dress.


Students 1 and 2: Exactly!




Student: This song is so overplayed. The DJ should change it.


Chaperone: They even played it at my prom.


Student: Oh cool, I didn’t know they had proms back then!




Student 1: Girls, Jake left me to go dance with Stacy!


Student 2: Ugh, I always knew he was a backstabbing little twerp!


Student 3: Wait, isn’t Stacy his cousin?


Student 1: Oh right, I totally forgot.


Student 2: Just kidding, I always knew he was so sweet.




Student 1: Some of the couples here are sickeningly sweet.


Student 2: I know right? Like, no one needs to see Carly and Cristine staring into each other’s eyes for a whole song!


Student 1: Not to mention that they are oh so perfect with their matching outfits!


Student 3: Maybe stop being jealous and go dance.


Students 1 and 2: Shut up!



Chaperone 1: Monitoring the punch bowl is really boring.


Chaperone 2: Wanna hear a joke?


Chaperone 1: Sure.


Chaperone 2: What did the volleyball player do at prom?


Chaperone 1: I don’t know, dance?


Chaperone 2: They spiked the punch!


Chaperone 1: Wow. Real original, Greg.




Student 1: Aww, don’t Sandra and Mark look so cute together!


Student 2: They make such a good couple. I’m so glad I set them up.


Student 1: Oh, you set them up?


Student 2: Of course, those dum-dums would never get together on their own. They’re too shy!


Sandra and Mark: We heard that!