Meet the Wolf: Stella Fetherston and Hannah Figueroa-Velazquez


Photo taken by Isabella Kneeshaw

Claire Roach, Co-Opinion/Web Editor

I know, you are probably thinking things along the lines of, “How does Hannah rock low-waisted jeans so well?” and “Wow, Stella seems like someone who makes the best playlists on Earth!”  These are strangely specific, yet important, traits of seniors Stella Fetherston and Hannah Figueroa-Velazquez. After three years on staff, our co-editors-in-chief sat down and reflected on their time with The Wolf.


Q: Why did you join The Wolf?

Hannah Figueroa-Velazquez:  I joined The Wolf  because I loved writing and I thought it would be a great place to meet other people with similar interests. My freshman year English teacher also encouraged me to join the staff, telling me she saw great potential in me as a future editor.

Stella Fetherston: I joined The Wolf  because in my freshman year English class the co-editors-in-chief talked to us about being a part of the school newspaper. They convinced me, and being someone who always loved writing, I decided to join and see how it went. 


Q: What is your personal favorite work?

HF-V: I’ve really enjoyed getting to build up my History Untaught segment this year writing on issues I wish were taught more often in history classes, but I have to say my all-time favorite piece is an editorial I wrote over the pandemic about looking at the bright side in a time of a lot of darkness. It felt very personal despite being an editorial and helped me to process my thoughts about online school while writing it. 

SF: The cover art has always been something I care deeply about. I’m constantly trying to improve my technique, and sometimes it’s a hit while other times it’s a miss. But my two favorite pieces from this year are from issues 3 and 5. Symbolically, they mean a lot to me.


Q: Favorite moment on staff?

HF-V: It’s hard to pick a singular favorite moment on staff, but just in general I had so much fun my sophomore year as a staff writer staying up late at the most chaotic paste-ups. Something about Lacy’s brownies mixed with good music and a frantic scramble to get everything done is a key memory that will stick in my mind for a very long time.

SF: There are so many to choose from! That being said, it would probably be from junior year when Emma J, one of our editors, showed us her pet rats over Google Meets. It absolutely brightened my day.


Q: Do you have any advice for writers next year?

HF-V: Don’t be afraid to break out of your comfort zone and write for sections you’re not very familiar with. My first ever story was a humor article and I struggled with it at first but ended up really enjoying the process!

SF: Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you’re interested in something but you don’t know where to start, other members on staff are there to help you. Whether it’s a different section, trying out page design or making your own graphics, the best way to learn is by doing. 


Q: What has been your favorite section to write for?

HF-V: Opinion will always hold a soft-spot in my heart. I was beyond excited when I got the position of Opinion Editor, and I really found my voice in that section. 

SF: I really love writing for The Fold. It’s very creative in its topics, like opinion. Knowing that this section also ties to the cover helps me visualize what elements I might want to incorporate in the art.


Q: What do you want the school to know about your work?

HF-V: I always do my best to give informational opinions that consider both perspectives of my arguments. We love to have diverse opinions on staff, and I try to make sure my writing is inclusive and not alienating. 

SF: I’m sorry about how many dark colors I use on the cover. The ink gets everywhere and it’s a whole mess, but sometimes a lighter gray just doesn’t get the job done.


Q: If you could spend one day as each other, what would you do?

HF-V: If I were Stella for a day, I would listen to really cool music because she has specialized playlists for every emotion and situation, while my music taste extends to Harry Styles and Olivia Rodrigo (basic, I know). 

SF: I’d love to see Hannah’s wardrobe! She’s got a really strong style that is refined to her sense of expression. I’d also like to know what goes on in IB physics after testing is over; if it was pre-testing, then I know my brain would melt.