ASB seniors say farewell, reflect on their experiences


Photo courtesy of Emily Phuong Tran

Taryn Coulson, Co-Sports Editor

As this year comes to a close, The Wolf decided to ask senior members of Tualatin High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) about their experience being a part of it. ASB is a leadership program at TuHS that helps to ensure that every student has a voice. They plan school events, such as assemblies, dances and spirit weeks. Seniors Amanda Jiricek and Janani Romero highlighted what ASB has meant to them and what they have taken away from it. 


What sparked your interest in leadership, and how has it allowed you to evolve as a person?


Janani Romero: I decided that I wanted to be on ASB my eighth grade year because some ASB kids came and talked to us about what ASB is, and I decided that I wanted to run, too! My leadership teacher, Ms. Church, in 7th grade, told me to apply for leadership. 

Amanda Jiricek: My interest was sparked freshman year when I saw all the cool things the upperclassmen did and the difference they made in the school. I was then determined to make the same connections and put on events everyone in the school could enjoy. Everyone deserves to find the place they belong and I wanted to be a part of making it happen.


If you could give any advice to the underclassmen on ASB what would you say?

JR: To never be afraid to speak up, because your ideas are valued. You were chosen to be on ASB for a reason. If you are on ASB, you have something to bring to the table. Speaking up and letting your voice be heard is very important.

AJ: I would advise them to try everything. If something sounds like a good idea it probably is, so trust your peers, work hard and you can do anything. Sky’s the limit.


How will your experiences on ASB help you with your plans for the future?

JR: It has taught me a lot of responsibility, time management and how to be a great leader. When I was applying for college, a lot of colleges and scholarships looked for these traits, as well.

AJ: ASB has taught me many skills I will be able to translate to my everyday life. It has helped me to be comfortable around all people – friends, strangers, students and admin, all alike. It’s taught me that everyone’s opinions and ideas matter because we are all in this together.


We wish all of our ASB seniors the best of luck with all of their future plans next year!