Drifting out of TuHS, into real world’s different paths


Cristian Hernandez, Staff Writer

College has traditionally been considered one of the ways to make into the middle or upper class. But there are a number of different important careers that pay well and don’t require a college education, –such as plumbers, electricians and mechanics. 

Ronald Browning is a junior at Tualatin High School and has an eagerness every day to learn more about the automotive industry and the engineering that goes into cars. 

Browning currently works at the Newberg Chevrolet dealership as a detailer and has been driving professionally for two and half years now. 

Browning has competed in various drifting competitions in Las Vegas and Honolulu. In his most recent competition in Honolulu, he used a Nissan S13 that has a 2.0 liter Sr20det engine paired with a 60mm turbo, pushing 378 horsepower and 360 foot pounds of torque to the wheel. At a weight of 2,425 pounds, he placed 7th out of 89 drifters on the track.

The Wolf caught up with Browning to ask about his future plans. 


Q: What are you planning to pursue after high school?

“I plan on pursuing my drift career and picking up contracts with different companies.”

Q: Is there anything you’re currently doing to prepare?

“Growing my portfolio and gaining experience, getting up, learning new tricks and talking with more experienced drifters.”

Q: Is there an ultimate goal you want to accomplish?

“One day I hope to meet Keiichi Tsuchiya.” (Japanese race car driver known for the popularization of drifting in the mainstream)


Browning is a prime example of what dedication and commitment are able to do for you, and with almost three years of experience at 17 years old, Browning is set up to conquer drift tracks now and in his future career.