Choose your own scary adventure: Clowning Around on Halloween

Graphic by Marcus Ludes.

Graphic by Marcus Ludes.

Claire Roach, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Editorial

(1) It is a dark and stormy Halloween night in 2016. You want to go trick-or-treating, but your mom says you can’t go alone. You can either babysit your sister for the whole night, or meet up with your friends that are pretty close by. 


(Choose one)

(2) You walk around the well-lit, suburban sidewalks with your 5-year-old sister and her friends, always staying within a two-block radius.

(3) You take some stairs that lead into a winding path through a pitch black forest. On the other side is a super-rich neighborhood that gives out all king-size candy bars, where your friends are waiting.


If you chose (2), go to (8) to see your fate.

If you chose (3), continue below.


As you step down the stairs, you reach into your back pocket to pull out your flashlight. You manage to click the button, but your foot gets caught on an iron rod sticking out of the step, and you fall down the entire flight of stairs. Your flashlight falls, but not before illuminating a red balloon, floating across the path.


(4) You leave your phone and run back up the stairs. Fear outweighing courage, you settle for a mid trick-or-treating experience.

(5) Curiosity – or stupidity – gets the best of you, so you hobble to your feet, grab your flashlight and continue down the path. 


If you chose (4), go to (8) to see your fate.

If you chose (5), continue below.


The path takes an unexpected turn, and suddenly the temperature drops 20 degrees. Instinctively, the hair on the back of your neck stands up as you hear the echo of a faint chuckle  in between two trees from the right. 


(6) You turn around and calmly walk back to the stairs, stepping in dog poop on your way up.

(7) You run towards the noise. You have always wanted to feel this alive.


If you chose (6), go to (8) to see your fate.

If you chose (7), continue below.


WHOOSH! Something small and red flies at your face from the left, somehow landing perfectly on your nose. You reach up to pull it off but find yourself unable to. As you begin to violently shake your head back and forth, you run into a tree. Your vision blurs, and the last thing you see is a clown standing above you, smiling. 

You wake up in a sewer, dressed in a clown costume. Your eyes whip around and you identify the source of the incessant cackling. It’s your little sister (end).


(8) You finish the night trick-or-treating, and you come home with a pillowcase filled about a quarter of the way with candy. You shake the bag and look inside. It’s filled with Whoppers.