Halloween costumes fit easily predictable trend for 2022

Alyssa Diaz, Staff Writer

This year, are you wanting to wear the same Halloween costume as everybody else? If so, this is the guide to matching with loads of random strangers! 

Remember in 2019 when everybody was Harley Quinn or the Joker? Well, this year is already anticipated to have a repeat of the most-overused couple’s costume: Elvis and Priscilla. But hey, maybe you will be like Kaia Gerber and actually end up dating Elvis! 

The second most-anticipated couple’s costume is from Stranger Things: Eddie and Chrissy. Everybody…they had two seconds of screen time together, and if you go around on Halloween yelling, “Chrissy wake up! I don’t like this! Chrissy wake up!” please know you are bound to see at least six other people on your block wearing the same costume. 

My personal favorite couples costume would be Coraline and Wybie, from the movie, Coraline. For this option, you would actually put buttons in your eyes and pair it with a button-down yellow rain jacket! 

Some costumes that will definitely be seen this year are  a group of minions with yellow tutus and the group of guys wearing suits who caption their Instagram picture, “Truly despicable.” A costume that will be very exciting to see, and will likely be very popular this year, will be Wednesday Addams. The enthusiasm for this costume will never falter. Who wouldn’t want to go trick-or-treating and see tons of people who look like Jenna Ortega?  

Other than those newer costumes that will be popular this year, there is always a classic group of costumes that seem to never go out of style. Included in this group are the angel and devil duo that everybody has done and most likely did when they were in the 8th grade. Then there is the rip-off Kardashian fairy costume that pairs with an Amazon corset! Or, you could go for “the most iconic” group costume of M&M’s with the iron-on letters. 

Even if you have the same costume as others, remember to have a fun Halloween this year!