Donald Glover’s Atlanta enters final season

Simon Phipps, Co-News Editor

Renaissance man Donald Glover announced that season four of Atlanta will be the last. The first season of the show premiered on FX and later made its way onto Hulu. Since then, it has racked up over 15 awards, including three Emmys, three Writers Guild Awards and two Golden Globes. 

Throughout all four seasons, Glover uses a mature form of ironic comedy to portray real-world problems affecting people of color – and especially the black community – such as police brutality, biased education systems, socioeconomic oppression and blatant racism throughout the world. Glover dives deeper into these topics in each episode through his own character, Earn, and other characters: Paper Boi ( Brian Tyree Henry) is a rapper who gained fame off a hit single trying to identify and part from fake friends. Darius (LaKeith Stanfeild) plays the role of a bohemian and free-spirited support for Earn and Paper Boi. Lastly, Vanessa (Zazee Beatz) is the girlfriend of Earn; their relationship is back and forth throughout the series but plays an important role in each of their lives. 

Atlanta is always a fun watch, but if you’re someone looking for something to break down and dig into, there are countless metaphors and retellings of real-life events throughout the seasons. 

If you are just trying to get a taste of the show, recommended episodes would be “B.A.N” (season one, episode seven), “Alligator Man” (season two, episode one), “Barbershop” (season two, episode five) and “The Big Payback” (season three, episode four). That is just to name a few. 

At the end of the day, Donald Glover remains one of the most talented entertainers in almost any industry; his alter ego, “Childish Gambino” is referenced countless times in the show, along with other accomplishments such as his role in the sitcom, Community, and the movies The Lion King, Solo, The Martian and The Muppets, just to name a few.