It’s Boba,  At Jamba Juice?


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Anthony Yac, Staff Writer

You’re walking into your nearby Jamba and ordering your drink, and all of a sudden, the cashier asks you if you want strawberry boba or tapioca boba with your drink. You say “no” in the moment, but later on in the day you can’t help but feel curious as to how it would taste. 

We all know that boba was fairly popular this summer, from the hordes of people crowding up in stores because it was too hot to wait outside, to the workers getting smashed by the never-ending customers. All this for some boba? 

Now, starting Sept. 6, Jamba has added boba to all their menus nationwide. Their flavors include strawberry bursting boba and sweet tapioca boba pearls. Although I love Jamba and their drinks, I feel as though they are stepping out of their comfort zone with adding boba. But the only thing that matters is the taste. 

The Wolf asked Tualatin High School students for their thoughts about Jamba’s recent addition to their menus, and the answers were truly shocking. The majority of them had no idea that Jamba even added boba. But among those who didn’t know, there were a couple of students who have actually tried it. So what were their thoughts? 

“It was mid. It’s basically a gummy. It feels as though I’m chewing plastic, but sweet plastic,” junior Diego Barragan said.

When asked if Jamba is stepping out of their comfort zone, we only got one word. 

“Yes,” Barragan said. 

Although some disliked the boba, there are some students who have the opposite opinion. Junior Brandon Galvan-Pinon had only praise for the boba. 

“I would like this better than actual boba,” Galvan said. “The texture of regular boba really grosses me out, but with this boba it doesn’t have that texture.” 

Students’ opinions were all over the spectrum, but the majority of them said “it was mid.” 

So has Jamba crossed a line by adding boba? Maybe. As a boba fan myself, I don’t think Jamba is the place to go if you want good boba. There are many other boba places nearby that I think are better. But if you want to have fun and just try something new with friends, then I think Jamba is a good way to go. 

Next time you walk in to your nearby Jamba and they ask if you want boba with your drink, say yes and see for yourself if the boba was worth it.