Senior college apps survey, warning: feelings may arise


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Isabella Kneeshaw, Fold Editor/Graphics Editor

If you are a senior, it’s likely that you have, are, or will be applying to college this year, and the task might leave you questioning several things. Since you probably have already been overwhelmed with surveys for college, why not fill out another one? At least you don’t have to know your parents’ job titles and annual income to complete this one! Also, I’ll only ask for your social security number once, so it’s okay if you don’t have it memorized; just make sure the card is on hand. 


How are those college apps coming along?

  • I am super prepared for my future. I wrote all my essays over the summer and turned everything in before Nov. 1. I am also annoying.
  • Much like all my homework, I have completed nothing. Somehow, I am still busy…and incredibly stressed!
  • I’m going to Oregon State or the University of Oregon, and as long as my application is in I’ll be fine. Except, I’ll have to see everyone from high school for the next four years. 
  • What is CommonApp? How does Naviance work? Who is FAFSA? My parents won’t stop talking about them.


On your to-do list, which is most important when you get home from school?

  • Shower 
  • Eat
  • Sleep
  • Spend time with my family or friends (not that there’s any time for that!)
  • Stay awake forever completing college applications, reading assignments, science labs, essays and math problems because I need at least two weeks just to finish my assignments from last month. 


Do you know what you want to study?

  • Can I still make money if I’m undecided for the rest of my life?
  • Pre-med or nursing. I’m hoping the mental strain of my IB classes prepared me enough.
  • Yes, I’m studying business. I want to be employed and make money. Sounds easier than being a science major!
  • Yes, none of the above.


How’s your email inbox looking?

  • I feel so popular. Colleges just won’t stop emailing me. It’s like they’re in love with me, but it’s still the year 2000 and we don’t have each other’s phone numbers.
  • I was smart and didn’t select the “contact me” box when I took the ACT.
  • I actually applied to the random college that spam emailed me, so maybe go Lions!? #St.OlafClassof2027
  • Someone make it stop. The all caps messages. Multiple times a day. It’s starting to look a little too desperate.