Holiday movies we love to hate 


Graphic by Peyton Anderson.

Amanda Fronczak, Humor Editor

Looking for a way to swiftly divide a room between lovers and haters? Mention Hallmark holiday movies. The mere mention of one of these films either provokes pure joy and glee or the most dramatic eye rolls and slew of comments mentioning how “every movie is the same” or “the acting is terrible.” 

While I hear both sides, not everyone can play devil’s advocate and grow to have a love-hate relationship with these films. No matter what side of the Hallmark spectrum you’re on, this article may allow you to see someone else’s perspective so we can finally achieve world peace this holiday season. 


The Ending:

Need an ego boost? Want to impress everyone in a room? Predict the ending of the Hallmark movie everyone’s watching. There’s a 99 percent chance you’ll be correct: the couple will end up together! However, knowing the destination doesn’t make the journey any less magical. 



The acting is horrendous. This may be more of a fact than opinion because I have yet to see top tier acting in a single film produced by Hallmark. But maybe that’s half the charm? Terrible acting makes it feel a little more relatable. 


The Plot: 

Do you know how they can produce so many Hallmark movies? Copy and paste. I am truly convinced they spent a couple of days writing a script and have copy and pasted that storyline for the past decade. They do change details here and there. For instance, the heartthrob’s occupation. Will they be a Christmas tree farmer, owner of a cafe or manager of the only hotel open during a snowstorm? I have to find out, and I will enjoy every minute of it. 


The Message: 

Say what you want about Hallmark, but their movies tug on heartstrings. Even the biggest grinch’s hearts will grow a little after watching Jessica and Matt finally realize they’re meant to be together. So wholesome. 


Whether you love or hate Hallmark movies, we can all learn a little something from those holiday classics and spread a little love and joy this holiday season.