Eclectic winter playlist captures the holiday spirit


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Claire Roach, Co-Editor-in-Chief/Editorial

Whether it’s listening to “Let it Snow!” with your loved ones or recreating the music video to “Mistletoe” by Justin Bieber, one defining feature of the holiday season is the music. It can encourage hopefulness during a difficult time of year while also reflecting change and providing clarity in moments of hesitation. So, I scoured the halls of Tualatin High School and asked four people with impeccable music taste, “What song encapsulates the feeling of winter to you?”


Nicolas Sammond, senior: 

“River” by Joni Mitchell, because it’s the same chord progression of “Jingle Bells,” so it has the nostalgic feeling that the holidays have. It is solemn yet comforting, and this feeling is heightened by being in senior year and reflecting on all the winters I’ve experienced and the memories I’ve held on to.


Madelyn McClung, senior:

“Partridge” by Clairo. She adds a harshness in her isolated vocals, while still being able to hold so much emotion, which reminds me of the cold. The instruments feel soft and muted, which is how winter feels to me.


Shem Malone, teacher:

“00000 Million” by Bon Iver. Winter feels like a time for reflection. “00000 Million” is about taking stock of where you’re at and what you’ve experienced, even if it was harmful or you made a mistake. The chorus, “if it harms me then I’ll let it in,” is about acceptance and growth and takes advantage of prolonged thought, a perfect winter time activity.


Andrew Bonica, teacher:

Snowshoes” by Caamp. The song comes at the tail end of an album filled with alt-country summer vibes, and it represents an enduring call to continue to explore the world during the winter months. The reflective rhythm guitar and dreamy banjo is perfect to watch an early winter sunset to or to curl up with after a day of chilly adventures.