New Year Brings The Excitement For Students


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Anthony Yac, Staff Writer

A new year is starting and excitement comes with it, along with resolutions! I’m sure we’ve all done New Year’s resolutions at least once in our lifetime. Whether focused on trying to go to the gym, reading a book or even trying to do better in school overall, everyone that has tried or made a resolution knows that these goals are not easy to achieve. 

Especially if they are school-related. 

Since the new year started, I’ve heard three students say they’ll try to get all A’s this quarter. I am one of those three students, and I will not be ending the quarter with all A’s. Students’ school resolutions can usually fall into two categories: getting better grades or just  showing up to class. But how many students will actually achieve their goal this year?  

I for one have already failed, but will the determination of Tualatin students overcome the struggles and tribulations of achieving their goals? 


An important step that most students will overlook when setting up their resolutions is the difficulty of it. “If your goals don’t scare you then it’s not a big enough goal!” is what some people online say. Your goal shouldn’t be so big that it’s almost impossible to achieve, but it also shouldn’t be so easy that it’s like stealing candy from a toddler. Your goal should be the same difficulty as working a 4-9 after school. 

With the simple tip I gave, you will be able to achieve any of your goals, such as eradicating the education system. 

This semester, will you achieve your goals, or will you fall short once again? But remember there’s always next year!