Crimsonnaires stir up romance on Feb. 14


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Amanda Fronczak, Humor Editor

Picture this: you’re solving the most excruciating, tear-forming, multiple-page math problem when all of a sudden you hear the classroom door open. In an attempt to conceal the tear rolling down your cheek, you refrain from turning around and instead continue punching numbers into your TI-84 Plus. Just as that tear is about to hit your paper, something magical happens: your square-rooting comes to a halt as you’re instantaneously transported into a musical paradise, the sweet melody of “Rhythm of Love” gracing your ears. Math becomes a distant memory while your class is serenaded by none other than the Crimsonnaires. 

There’s truly nothing quite like Valentine’s Day at Tualatin High School. Feb. 14 rolls around, which means one thing: Valograms. Finally, you might receive a gift that rivals the heart-shaped box of chocolates from your mom. For a couple bucks, you can send any classmate, friend or love interest a gift that will keep them blushing. Picture Buddy from Elf serenading his father, but instead it’s the Crimsonnaires and a person of your choosing. This is not only a treat for that individual, but for the whole class. Not only will your peers get a free concert, but this is an amazing photo opportunity of that special someone as they’re serenaded. Valograms are truly the gift that keeps on giving. 

To give us a sneak peak of the 2023 Valogram magic, we interviewed senior and two-year Crimsonnaire David Jones. 

Not wanting to give too much away, Jones cautiously said, “I’m not allowed to say exactly what songs we’ll sing, but there’s a Bruno Mars song.” 

If that doesn’t get you ecstatic for Feb. 14, I’m not sure what will. So when you’re listening to Kill Bill on repeat and dreading Valentine’s Day, just keep in mind the Crimsonnaires have your back.