Forecasting offers chance to explore new interests

Kent Pham, Staff Writer

With the kickoff of the second semester, next year’s classes are likely to be at the back of students’ minds. However, forecasting for next year’s classes may come faster than expected. With the plethora of classes that Tualatin High School (TuHS) offers its students, making your top choices may be more difficult than anticipated. 

Forecasting is a fantastic opportunity for students to further their passions and explore possible new interests. TuHS has several business programs available, including accounting, marketing, and personal finance. Students looking to learn more about business should consider taking these classes, especially the accounting and marketing classes. After completing Marketing 2 and/or Accounting 2, students can take Advanced Business Procedures and learn the fundamentals of running a business. Personal Finance is also a great course for students who want to get a head start on understanding money management and financial success.

Many students at TuHS take part in IB courses, which are classes that challenge you at a college level. For students taking at least one IB course, a new class called Personal and Academic Wellness & Support for IB & Advanced Students (PAWS) will be available next year. It will focus on strengthening personal academic skills, as well as supporting student mental health. IB classes are definitely challenging, and taking something like this can help students a lot. Make sure to look out for it!

A plethora of computer science and information technology courses are accessible to all students, including game, app and web design classes, IT (information technology) courses, robotics classes and more. For anyone interested in a technology-related field, many of these classes may offer what you are looking for.

“Culinary is definitely my favorite class out of everything here. You get to cook and eat food with friends all class,” senior Quintin Reid stated. 

Certainly a student favorite, the culinary courses teach students how to cook dishes in several different styles and from cultures all over the world, as well as the history behind different foods. Cooking is a skill that most people will use throughout their lives, so taking this class will undoubtedly help students in the future.

Each department has electives to check out, and there are many options  available that are not mentioned here. Out of the dozens of classes presented here, many are likely to catch your attention. It is strongly recommended to look at the Academic Planning guide on the TuHS  website, where students can find in-depth descriptions of every single class offered.