Symposium Coffee provides great hangout option for students


Photo by Clare Sherman.

Clare Sherman, Staff Writer

Sometimes we need an energy boost to start our school day, and coffee is the best way to stay awake in class while also supporting a local business.

Symposium Coffee is a small cafe business with two locations in Sherwood and Tigard that serve espresso drinks and baked goods and provides a comfortable place to rest and work. The buildings themselves are renovated houses that offer both indoor and outdoor seating. It combines the feel and look of vintage and modern, with large windows contrasting with a homey interior and the inviting aroma of coffee and pastries.

As for the menu, both locations offer a plethora of choices to suit your palette. For the 16oz largest size, mochas are $5.25, lattes are $4.50 and iced teas are $3. They have other drink options like matcha tea, hot chocolate, italian sodas and more, with multiple milk alternatives. According to a cashier at the Tigard location, the most popular drinks on the menu are the lavender latte, caramel latte and mocha. For food, they have sandwiches and salads, as well as snacks, on the regular. The baked goods differ from day to day.

Symposium also offers three different blends of coffee on its online website, each priced at $18. The best part is, they deliver right to your doorstep for those who like to make their coffee at home. You can purchase a weekly or monthly subscription for delivery, as well as gift certificates starting at $10.

The Sherwood dine-in spot was originally opened in 2011 by Kevin and Amanda Bates, and the surrounding community has been supportive since day one, representing the cafe’s welcoming attitude. The Sherwood and Tigard sites are open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Thursday to Saturday times differ between locations, but both are closed on Sundays.

Whether it’s a quiet space to work at or a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, Symposium offers all that and more. So instead of choosing the closest Starbucks the next time you feel a craving for caffeine, head to Symposium Coffee and support your local small business owners.