Fresh playlist goes along with your spring cleaning

Claire Roach and Peyton Anderson

As you get into the spring spirit, it is important to have a playlist that keeps you happy and afloat. If you plan on doing some cleaning, it’s important to go through your music library, as well. Consider our recommendations for your current playlist, ranging from the hollow acoustics of Big Thief to SZA’s motivating rhythm.


“Dried Roses” by Big Thief

Big Thief’s use of string instruments and perfectly-blended harmonies creates an overall sense of security. Vocalist Adrienne Lenker’s lyrics, like, “Here I go, there I am / All alone in the pan / In the silence again / Dried roses,” carry a brilliant simplicity. I highly recommend watching their Tiny Desk Concert (at home) to hear the quiet perfection of this song live.


“Blossom (Demo)” by Soccer Mommy

Spring is a time for cleaning, and “Blossom” is about emotional cleaning. Soccer Mommy stresses that no matter how much you want a friendship or relationship to work out, if it’s hurting you, it isn’t worth it. Her sophomore album, Clean, juggles between the feelings of wishing and acceptance and is a necessary album to work through any inner baggage you may want to leave behind this season.


“You’re Not the Only One I Know” by The Sundays

This song’s charming energy is the sixth song of The Sundays’ no-skip album Reading, Writing & Arithmetic. It is an exceptional record for slightly cold days when the rain subsides and the sun shines. I recommend listening while going for a walk.


“Miracles” by Alex G

The gentle build of vocals to guitar to drum creates a filling sensation. “Miracles” is about choosing what is best for you, as well as helping others to do the same. During a stressful time, it is important to make choices that benefit your happiness in the long run, which also means to let go of exterior stressors. While you are making hard decisions, hopefully you can find solace when Alex G sings, “I have fears that I have not addressed, she says / Some things from my past make me feel powerless.” 


“Booster Seat” by Spacey Jane

“Booster Seat” is a versatile song that can play in the car with the windows down or in the background of your day-to-day tasks. The subtle strums of the guitar and Caleb Harper’s beautifully executed lyrics allow you to forget your stressors and be caught in the moment. The Australian band flawlessly depicts the feelings of anxiety and depression that most of us battle from one time to another, using symbolism of a booster seat to explain the anxiety that comes with trust and vulnerability. This anthem is comfortably relatable for many teens, and its upbeat composition stays stuck in my head constantly. 


“Held Down” by Laura Marling 

Laura Marling’s raspy voice pairs beautifully with her background vocalists and the sounds of the band blend together seamlessly. This song is perfect for a rainy spring morning or a walk in the occasional sunshine. 


“Love Language” by SZA 

The combination of SZA’s angelic voice and the catchy beats of “Love Language” is the perfect motivation to start checking off your to-do list and will keep you dancing along the way. Playing this song on a loop will get your spring cleaning out of the way in no time and avoid the hopelessness that pairs with the depressing spring weather, keeping you positive and