Things seniors will miss about TuHS


Cherry Blossom’s photographed by Gracie Lancaster.

Gracie Lancaster, Staff Writer

The Class of 2023 is being hit hard with a case of Senioritis, constantly bouncing back and forth between excitement to finally graduate and apprehension about leaving high school behind. Whether it’s a favorite class, teacher or memory, we all have things we will miss about Tualatin High School (TuHS). The Wolf reflects on the past four years with TuHS seniors Quinn Thompson, Bridgette Newcomb, LeAnne Ho, Sarah Craner and Colton Hof.


Q: What class was your favorite?

Newcomb: “My favorite class would have to be French. Progressing through the levels of French with the same people year after year has created so many connections and friendships.”

Ho: “My favorite class would probably be Lang and Lit! I have an amazing table group with amazing friends that make the class entertaining and fun, and it gives me a break from the stress of school.”

Hof: “I liked IB History a lot. The class topics are interesting, and Armstrong is so interested in them, which makes the class more fun.” 


Q: Which teacher will you miss the most?

Thompson: “I will miss getting conducted by Stegmeier and Ron.” 

Ho: “There are so many amazing staff members, but I think I will miss Ms. Neitzel the most. She makes me feel so loved, and I get so happy whenever I get to see her. She made my junior year bearable and was a support for me.”

Craner: “Mr. Unis and Mr. Wadsworth tie for first place.”


Q: What’s your favorite feature of TuHS?

Thompson: “I liked the library when it was open.”

Newcomb: “My favorite feature of Tualatin High School is probably the cherry blossom trees outside. In the spring when they turn pink and pretty, it just makes the campus so much better. Even though the sun came a little late this year, it was still very cool to see them blooming.”

Hof: “I like the amount of stuff we have in the tech wing and engineering room.”


Q: What’s your best high school memory?

Thompson: “Probably those bike jump guys who told us to stop bullying each other.”

Ho: “I’ve had a lot of laughable moments in choir or tennis! I think one of my best high school memories would be laughing so hard on the ground with my sweet little Sydney at one of our tennis matches last year!”

Craner: “My best memory was partying at Prom with my friends!”


Q: What do you appreciate the most about TuHS?

Newcomb: “I appreciate the staff and teachers of TuHS the most. We have really great people in charge of making our high school experience meaningful, and having people passionate about our education is really important.”

Craner: “I appreciate the teachers who work hard to make sure their students understand the academic topics and that they feel heard.”

Hof: “Throughout my senior year, I’ve felt like if I need help or I’m falling behind, my teachers are so great in helping me figure it out.”