Timberwolves start looking for summer jobs 


Graphic by Claire Roach.

Anthony Yac, Staff Writer

With the school year slowly drawing to a close, it’s time to start thinking about summer jobs. Going into summer without some sort of income could lead to unnecessary stress. While your friends are already planning outings, you’re worrying about how $10 will last you the whole summer.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to helping teens find jobs just search “jobs near me” and a plethora of websites and job offers will pop up. But the best website out there is Indeed.com. Indeed provides a variety of job postings and allows you to narrow down your search. It also has a feature that allows you to read the company reviews and rate them on a below and above average scale. It also includes salaries and gives you an overview on how to get started in a specific field. The website offers a lot of amazing features and is a great way to find your summer job. 

Maybe working at a big company isn’t your thing, but there are still plenty of jobs out there. A great job for those who love working outdoors as well as with kids could be working at a summer camp. Camp jobs have a lot of benefits. They can offer a lot of transferable skills in addition to working outdoors. It can also make it easier to leave the job since it’s only going to be during the summer; it’ll be less awkward than putting in your two weeks. 

Another option to think about is being a lifeguard this summer. Although you may need some qualifications, the stuff after that should be relatively relaxed. You’ll also be outside a lot, since you’ll be watching people swim. 

Junior Amy Iturburo recently got a job at Target. The Wolf asked her how her experience with it is going so far. 

 How did you hear about the job?  

I heard about the job from a friend of mine. Then I just applied online.”

Would you recommend this type of job to someone our age? 

“Yes, it’s a very low stress job and very easy to handle with school still going on, and it’s teaching me new skills that I can apply in my life.” 

 Summer is not too far off, with concerts and fairs coming up as well as plans with friends and family. Make sure you’re not worried about what your bank account looks like so you can enjoy this summer.