2023-2024 ASB elections come to end


Last spring, the winners of ASB elections came together to cel- ebrate their success. This year’s election took place on May 19. Results were announced later that same day. Photograph by Matthew Unis.

Kayla Vo, Staff Writer

As the school year wraps up, Tualatin High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) election results are out. Eight students from each grade are voted into ASB, where they go on to plan school events, assemblies, dances and more.

The upcoming sophomores are Kimball Craner, Ben Fong, Sophia Grove, Nina Ichikawa, Sidney Lynn, Maxwell Minus, Aero Nguyen and Dalia Torres. The Junior Class representatives are Brady Carey, Calvin Evans, Calleigh Germer, Sydney McDonald, Lea Olivares, Sky Rowe, Kayla Vo and Amelia Ward. And our senior ASB officers are Taylor Babicky, Tallie Fusitu’a, Elizabeth Graham, Amity Humphrey, Sawyer Johnson, Frida Ruiz, Hunter Smith and Olivia Trone. 

Everyone who ran went through a vigorous campaign week that consisted of social media posts, extremely vibrant posters and incredible speeches. 

From personal experience, running for ASB is something that is undeniably difficult, but worth all the effort every year. The week-long campaigning process is truly a rollercoaster of emotions that varies from thrill to anxiety to excitement. 

Senior Jonathan Mercado, a four-year senior ASB officer, shared his story about running for a position and what he learned from his experience. 

“I ran for ASB freshman year for the experience. I honestly think that the stress of running every four years never got better. I became more passionate about the planning, and the more time I spent in ASB, the more I began to care,” Mercado said.

As the years go on, the people in ASB are bound to change. Many people have a difficult time adjusting to the change, while others have an easier time celebrating the welcoming of newcomers. 

“I always looked up to the seniors in ASB when I just got elected, so now, as a senior, leaving the freshmen is so upsetting,” Mercado said. “They have become a family.”

 Running to be an officer can leave such a positive mark on a student’s life. Adding onto that, there are many ways to get involved with the school besides ASB. This is truly to show the diversity our school offers with leadership roles. Congratulations to our 2023-2024 ASB as Tualatin High School cannot wait to see what these students will do.

“Change is something that ASB always goes through, and I know next year’s class is going to be so strong,” Mercado said.