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Frida Ruiz
Frida Ruiz
Staff Writer & Graphics Team

Mini Cooper – is it a car or a lifestyle?

Photo by Olivia Beauchemin

The Mini Cooper is way more than just a vehicle; it’s a lifestyle that brings people together. These cars are simply a symphony of elegance in a compact structure, a work of art that effortlessly captures well-deserved attention on the road. From its angel-winged logo to its perfect little round headlights, every detail rises above the ordinary. They are a true embodiment of flawlessness, where beauty meets function in picture-perfect harmony, making every drive a visually enchanting experience.

If you take a look into Tualatin High School’s junior hall, you will see a glistening red Mini Cooper poster above all of the wandering students. Made by our eight Junior Class ASB officers, this car symbolizes our school’s welcoming drive back into this school year. With its gold-glittered headlights, this piece of art shines right through us and subconsciously empowers our minds.

Let’s talk about parking. While other students are engaging in a high-stakes game of “Who Can Park and Not Hit a Pedestrian?”, Mini Cooper drivers can simply just slide into any spot with room to spare. Parallel parking? A true joke. A Mini Cooper truly laughs at the SUVs and trucks in any parking lot. 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering a Mini Cooper on the road, you’ll know that there is something undeniably captivating about them. The Mini Cooper is, without a doubt, one of the greatest vehicles to bless our roads. My best friend and I play an engaging, yet eye-straining game when he’s driving in which we punch each other anytime we see a Mini. It’s a beautiful mix of pleasure and pain – mostly an emotional pain of not personally owning my own.

Red, blue, white, cream, green, orange, yellow and more. The options to customize your very own are infinitely endless. You can even personalize your Mini Cooper by adding stripes. It doesn’t stop there; if you want an electric car, convertible, hard-top, two-door or four-door, this car has your back for all your wants and needs. 

Call me a Mini-ac, but this car brand has consumed my personality. At 16 with a fear of the road, I have spent my fair share of time in the passenger seat, but Mini Coopers are the only thing keeping my driver’s license motivation on track. My deepest apologies to my friends’ empty gas tanks, but with 38 miles per gallon, a Mini Cooper would have their complaints silenced.

High school is a time of growth, learning and forging unforgettable memories. While we should prioritize academics and extracurricular activities as they are essential, the experience of high school is incomplete without excitement and individuality. This is where Mini Coopers come into play. 

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