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Lea Olivares Raudes
Staff Writer & Graphics Team

Tualatin is in desperate need of new skatepark

Photo by Olivia Beauchemin

Throughout its ancient history—dating back to possibly the neolithic period, according to a couple of its old heads—Tualatin skatepark has given the city’s skaters a reliable place to meet, hangout and skate. Having fully transferred its use-value 60 times over throughout decades of countless experiences and time well spent, the park has more than done its task and deserves a break.

While many, including myself, regard it as the greatest skatepark, dearest to our hearts and full of memories, there’s an unspoken and overshadowing understanding that we’re all done with it. For all its sentimental value, Tualatin skatepark kind of sucks.

Let’s start with the layout itself. The thing is tiny. Its bizarre transition, cramped space and awkward flow have even created a joke the last few years, that it was originally built to be for rollerbladers in the ‘80s.

The place is also home to some truly schizophrenic ledges, being either delusionally high and physically impossible to pop onto, or weirdly low with some of the worst coping I’ve seen. The north and west corners ledges are not only up to your chest, but also curved to extreme angles for some unknown reason.

This isn’t to mention the park’s bowl, one of the scariest things I’ve tried to skate with its weirdly steep and impossibly shallow configuration. You can’t pump through it, and are completely unable to get enough speed to do anything outside stall tricks.

Its hubba is another nightmare; being thin and short, you can maybe get a 5-0, 50-50 and the occasional boardslide before folding over it and breaking a shin. Similarly, the downrail cuts off at such an early point to an uphill landing with horrible runup, I haven’t in my years at the park even touched it.

While the coping is worn, the transitions awful, the bowl sketchy and the downrail and hubba terrifying, nothing holds a candle to the cursed flat bar straight from hell. The number of people injured on this thing could warrant a class action lawsuit against the city. Comically bad, the bar is weirdly thin, low and somehow made of the hardest metal in existence. It has quite literally broken bones and destroyed the confidence of dozens.

Despite its quirks, Tualatin park is the first skatepark many of us came to, as well as the one we continue to frequent. If we ever succeed in getting a better one, I believe it’s the opinion of many that our old park should become a historic landmark. Until then, this place needs an update.


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Liam Frith, Entertainment Editor
Hi, my name is Liam and I'm a junior. This is my first year on staff. I joined The Wolf because I enjoy writing and would love to contribute to our school paper. In my free time I like to skateboard, read, and listen to music.

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