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Sienna Smiley
Staff Writer

TuHS experts offer procrastination starter pack

Most of you have probably heard of the seven stages of procrastination. Whether you have been warned about the deadly trap that avoiding a deadline leads to or you have personally experienced it, you are likely aware of the severe side effects that come with it. Let’s be honest. We have all procrastinated here and there, some a little (or a lot) more than others. 

After experiencing procrastination firsthand, I can report that there are far more than just seven stages. I would agree that those are the baseline for any upcoming deadline, but I would like to suggest a few more that are crucial in the procrastination process and always help me finish my assignments in a timely manner. 


  1. Indifference. 
  2. Proceed to daily life, completely ignoring the due date creeping up.
  3. Denial.
  4. Gaslight myself into thinking I have plenty of time even though I know I won’t realistically start until it’s way too close to the deadline.
  5. TikTok. 
  6. Realization.
  7. Change into comfy clothes. 
  8. Quick power nap then I’ll start. 
  9. Jump on the trampoline (I never go on my trampoline).
  10. Panic.
  11. Mental breakdown – “I can’t do this.” 
  12. Touch grass – going on a “hot girl” walk always helps clear my mind.
  13. Hunger – I need a snack. My brain doesn’t work on an empty stomach. “Brain food,” as my mom would say. 
  14. Cleaning – I should probably clean my room first. Organized room equates to an organized mind, right? Might as well clean the whole house too and help my mom make dinner while I’m at it.
  15. Bargaining.
  16. “I’ll just finish tomorrow. A good night of sleep is more important. I know, I’ll ask for an extension!”
  17. Sleep – 13 hours of sleep will make me procrastination proof! I will finish so fast after a quick snooze.
  18. Turn on music because it helps me focus.
  19. Celsius.
  20. *Opens up assignment for the first time.*
  21. Stress.
  22. Turn off music because it’s a distraction.
  23. Grind mode on. 
  24. More caffeine and snacks.
  25. Finish – and give myself a little pat on the back for being efficient with my time. 

Procrastination has had a pretty bad reputation over the years, but after some research, I have concluded that there are in fact many positives to waiting until the last minute to get things done. Sometimes, it really is beneficial to stress yourself out to the point of no return and raid your pantry to cope. I mean, at least my room will be clean and I will get plenty of sleep. My mom definitely enjoys the extra help around the house and I have learned that cooking is pretty fun when you are doing it to avoid finishing your overdue history essay. Those all seem like positives to me!

 If you find yourself catching a gnarly case of procrastination, remember to have lots of snacks and caffeine on hand for when you actually decide it’s time to get down to business. If all else fails, you can always ask for an extension!

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