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Ahmed Altuhafi photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.
Ahmed Altuhafi
Co-Feature & Web Editor

Taylor Swift’s transportation fuels CO2 controversy

Art by Sam Dunn

Taylor Swift has caused a buzz recently due to the amount of CO2 emissions she contributed this past year while going on her Eras Tour. Just last year alone, the international singer flew 170 times on her private jet, making her the single heaviest CO2 emitter.

The public was unhappy about the singer contributing a load of CO2 emissions without using her platform to spread information about global warming. However, some fans feel as though the singer should not have to explain herself nor talk about climate change due to being so busy with the Eras tour.

TuHS environmental science teacher Jessica Fontaine shared her thoughts about Swift’s carbon impact.

“She certainly has a large one!” she said. “Most celebrities and billionaires have significant carbon footprints because they travel more than the average person, often using private transportation, buying and consuming more items, etc. As an individual, she is responsible for a lot of carbon being emitted, largely through her travel on her private jet. As a businesswoman and artist, she encourages over-consumerism through things like selling multiple versions of the same CD or vinyl, the amount of merch, dressing up for the Eras Tour, fans traveling long distances to attend shows, and so on.”

Many people have been pondering if the Eras Tour was worth it, considering the environmental impact of Swift’s shows.

“I went to Seattle Night 1, and it was the most amazing concert I’ve ever been to,” Fontaine said. “I’ve been a T-Swift fan since her debut album came out while I was in middle school. So as a person and a fan, I think it was worth it. As an environmental science teacher, I think it sets a dangerous precedent for the level of production, travel, merch, etc. that goes into making a show. She has raised the bar for entertainment, and I worry that other artists will feel pressured to keep up, and that will lead to everyone’s ecological footprints increasing.”

One frustration among the public is Swift’s lack of response to critics who pointed out the effects of her choices. 

“It’s unfortunate that she has never spoken up about environmental issues,” Fontaine said. “She has such a powerful platform, and we’ve seen her make positive changes, such as when she encouraged people to register to vote and when she has spoken out about artists’ rights and issues facing the LGBTQ+ community. I think if she did speak up about protecting the environment, it would probably be met with a lot of pushback, given her own carbon emissions. The best path forward would be her owning the impact she’s had, promising to make a change (actually following through!) and encouraging others to do the same.”

Swift has been aware of this controversy since the beginning of her Eras Tour back in March of 2023.

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