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Marc Khanna
Marc Khanna
Copy Editor, CMO/CFO, Website & Social Media

Love inspires social change

In a world often dominated by the challenges of inequality, discrimination and systemic injustices, the idea of love may seem like a sentimental or naive response. However, taking a deeper look into human connection reveals that love is not just a personal emotion; it’s a potent force with the capacity to drive social change.

Tualatin High School student Anya Ramos helps explore the thin line between love and social justice. Love is not only an abstract concept confined to relationships, she says, but it is also a radical tool that has the potential to shape our social structures. 

“Being someone who can say, ‘Why hasn’t someone done anything about this?’ is an act of love,” she said. “It’s asking why these people aren’t granted the same love I’m granted.” 

This perspective implies that activism is not solely reserved for those involved in organized social movements or formal advocacy but rather is a mindset that can be embraced by anyone who cares deeply about the well-being and equity of others. 

Ramos’s thoughts tie into the concept of everyone being an activist because love revolves around the idea of genuine care and concern for others that can drive individuals to take action and advocate for positive change. 

“Advocate for people that are struggling… the people in your life who identify with these groups. For me at least, it helps me feel seen as a person, “ Ramos said. 

In this context, love is not confined to personal relationships but extends to a broader sense of compassion and empathy for humanity as a whole.  

By recognizing this connection of individuals and communities, people are encouraged to view their concern for social issues as an expression of love, whether it’s questioning systemic injustices, advocating for marginalized communities or simply caring about the well-being of others. 

“Activism should feel like you are standing up for morals you hold,” Ramos said, meaning everyone has the potential to be an activist through acts of love and compassion. It highlights the transformative power of love in motivating individuals to actively contribute to creating a more just and equitable society. 

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