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Kayla Vo
Kayla Vo
Co-Copy Editor

10 stupid funny pranks to pull on April Fools Day

Art by Parker Morgan

St. Patrick’s is over, so put away the green. A new month is near, the one whose showers bring May flowers. April entails a lot more than just bad weather. It brings April Fools’ Day, a holiday that simultaneously evokes delight and dread in millions of people. I can hear it now: the collective groan of humanity signaling the most distressing holiday of the year. Whether you anxiously or dreadfully await this day, you will still find these prank ideas funny!  


  • Saran Wrap the toilet.

  Make sure there are no wrinkles! 

  • Put fish in the air vents.

Prepare this prank days in advance for ultimate effect.

  • Switch your sister’s perfume with fart spray. 

Make sure to save the perfume. Don’t waste it!

  • Put salt in toothpaste.

Don’t forget, you can still use the toothpaste.

  • Fill a car with ladybugs. 

If you can find a place that sells thousands of ladybugs. 

  • Hide a fake animal of your choice in a spot someone is sure to find it. 

Leave these EVERYWHERE. 

  • Swap the frosting of an Oreo with toothpaste. 
  • Prank phone calls. 

Make sure you’re using *67.

  • Loosen the tops of all salt and pepper shakers you come across.

Be sure that you don’t accidentally forget and use the salt or pepper shakers yourself.

  • Set lots of unexpected alarms on someone’s phone .

Make sure you won’t be around them all day or it will get very annoying.


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