Horoscope Time: Virgos and Libras look ahead

Catherine Phipps, Staff Writer

With Virgo season coming to a close and the kickoff for Libra season upon us, it’s time to find out what lies in store for them this month!

What’s in store for Virgo: As this school year starts off, a Virgo’s perfectionism and methodical thinking makes sure all their schoolwork is done to the best of their ability (thanks to their master planet, Mars). Known for their modesty and dislike of being the center of attention, a Virgo’s Halloween costume is more low-key, but nonetheless fantastic. This “Spooky Season,” a Virgo will be in need of their most loyal friends to join them in going to haunted houses, decorating pumpkins, and keeping them stable during this busy time of year.

What’s in store for Libra: After the first month of school, the indecisive Libra may be questioning if they should have switched out of some classes while they had the chance. However, a Libra is known to keep their chill, even during stressful times. Ruled by Venus, Libras search for beauty in everything, resulting in absolutely stunning Halloween costumes.