WiFi secrecy undercuts seniors

Matt Brown, News Editor

The weekly wifi password situation at Tualatin High School has sent the school into a frenzy as students scramble to break the enigma that is our wireless internet connection. While the situation in itself may be futile, I believe the nature of it is dangerous and even threatening.

Tualatin High School’s senior class, the Class of 2020, has gone through significant change throughout their high school experience. They have witnessed the work of two principals, the turnover of different administrations, a transition from textbook-based education to an increasingly technological one, neverending construction and a new PA system. And most noticeably, we have watched from the sidelines as the construction crew colonized half the parking lots and stripped the former juniors of the opportunity to anchor down in a reasonable walking distance from the main entrance.

As construction begins to slow down, and the parking lots are free from their bondage, seniors are sucked back into this imbalance with an ever-changing password to the TTSD-Guest network. While we may not know the exact reason for the constant changing of the password, whether it may be for security reasons or simply to ward off distractions in the classroom, we now know it is especially unsettling for the seniors.

As of now, the wifi password is being sought and passed around with a level of security only comparable to fantastic treasure. And those carrying this precious knowledge are being revered as some sort of deity, setting a dangerous precedent, as many will do whatever it takes to achieve this God-tier status.

Granted, the school is being improved every day through the maintenance and construction and new ideas, but it must be noted that many of these changes being rolled out in front of us, we will not be here to see. That being said, TuHS seniors have yet to witness any real stability in their education; things have been changing around them since they enrolled in 2016. Students are deserving of some static trends in their high school experience, and that can start with an open wifi connection or at least transparency on why its accessibility is blockaded.