When and how will sports return?

Evan Frazier

With COVID-19 still out and around the country, sporting events have been cancelled or postponed for at least a few months. But recently, on May 1, all athletic facilities opened up to NBA teams, and NFL teams could resume preseason workouts with limited people. The Portland Thorns returned to Providence Park for individual training in early May. According to multiple sources, practices are not allowed to have more than seven people in a facility at once, and no coaches, either. 

The NFL starts in September and ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski predicts that the season will happen without fans with the rate of the virus growing. There are also many different scenarios for the college football season during the fall, one of them being that all Oregon and Oregon State games will be rescheduled for away games only for the month of September. At this point, it’s possible that professional football will be able to resume operations as normal for this upcoming fall. Most boxing matches have started up with no fans or coaches for the summer.

For the NBA, all operations have come to a screeching halt until further notice. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver says that the decision on returning to games will not be made until the end of May. One plan idea is to have every team do a 14-day workout before starting the season, just to see if the virus shows up. If the NBA does come back, the games will be held without any fans. Many sources are saying that there is a large chance that the NBA does return by mid to late June. 

All other sports have either been cancelled for the year or doing a shortened schedule. The MLB recently passed a vote to attempt making a shortened schedule for the year, but that depends on if the virus gets better around the world. 

Overall, the most appropriate thing to remember is the fact that almost all sports are going to be played with no fans for a pretty long time.