Athletes in the Class of 2020 look back

Mahathi Sridhar, Staff Writer

The Wolf caught up with seven incredible senior athletes in quarantine. Here’s what they had to say about their time in sports at TuHS:

Q: What sport do you participate in?
Ethan Klein: I run track and cross country.
Tia Ridings: I play softball!
Luke Marion: I play football.
Jake Lofamia: Basketball.
Sarah Hall: Soccer.
Abbi Karsseboom: Swim and waterpolo.
Ava Melson: Varsity sideline cheer.

Q: How long have you played your
EK: I started in 6th grade with track.
TR: I’ve been playing for 10 years!
LM: For about 11 years now.
JL: I started getting serious in 6th grade.
SH: 12 years.
AK: Swim for 12 years and waterpolo for two.
AM: I’ve been cheering since 6th grade!

Are you planning on playing in college?
TR: I’ll be playing softball at Saint Martin’s University (go Saints!!)
LM: Yes, I am playing on scholarship at Utah State University.
JL: I’m headed to George Fox University.
SH: Yes, for Connecticut College.

What are you going to miss the most about high school sports?
EK: Definitely going to miss the team and environment of a bunch of competitive and fun people.
JL: The close relationships I’ve built with the guys. It’s a brotherhood that was born through basketball.
AK: I would have to say the aspect of creating a new team every year and getting to know every new athlete and making new friendships.
AM: I am really going to miss cheering at football games. It’s such an amazing environment and the energy is unmatched when you’re cheering.

What advice do you have for any underclassmen in sports?
TR: To any underclassmen in sports, my advice is to ALWAYS give your all, even when no one is looking. It will make you a better player and person.
LM: I think the biggest thing I could tell an underclassman is to just have fun. Having fun is the key to success in the sport that you are engaged in.
JL: Don’t let your losses or moments of failure define you. Understand that you can get where you want to be if
you keep pushing and strive to outwork everybody else.
AM: I encourage all underclassmen to not be afraid to put yourself out there. Sometimes a deep breath and a burst of confidence will take you far!

What have you gained from the TuHS Athletics program?
TR: I have gained confidence, friends and leadership skills from the TuHS athletic program, I will miss it for sure!
LM: I have gained good relationships within the athletic programs, and I’m thankful for the people that have helped me get to where I am at now.
AK: During my athletic career at TuHS I have earned many different titles. With every title I won, I learned what it’s like to be a team leader and what hard work can turn into. I have learned that with true dedication you can go from being the worst player to someone that others look up to. The athletic program has taught me to put everything I have into what I do.