Positive changes stemming from pandemic

Maya Brisan, Staff Writer

Even in the midst of a pandemic, people are still searching for ways to help others and find the good in all that is happening. Though it is hard, many good things have happened during these tough times.

Packed with Pride was created at the beginning of the pandemic. It is a joint organization created by the Foundation for Tigard-Tualatin Schools, the Tigard-Tualatin Schools Education Association, the Tigard-Tualatin Student Union and TTSD School Board members Maureen Wolf and Ben Bowman. They have helped deliver food to so many families in need during the pandemic. Many students, teachers and families have volunteered for Packed with Pride.

“I’ve been volunteering (packing and moving grocery boxes) for Packed with Pride every Saturday since the start of April,” Tualatin High School senior Clara Johansen said.

 People have also found other ways to help others in their community, including volunteering for different organizations. Many volunteers at the library have been preparing crafts boxes and doing weekly competitions to keep children engaged and occupied. The library is also starting to do online events for teenagers.

“I’ve been volunteering for the Tualatin Library to provide craft projects to kids and teens in our area,” Tualatin High School freshman Monica Gibson said.

This time at home has also allowed for people to work on skills and learn new things. Lots of people are learning new languages or cooking and baking skills. 

“This time has actually been a very productive time for me. I’ve been able to advance some skills like piano and cooking that I otherwise wouldn’t have had the time to work on. I’ve also started teaching piano lessons which has allowed me to work on communication skills,” Johansen said.

School counselors are also available to students, whether they need to talk about their mental health or if they need help with college searches and applications.

We have to take the time to remind ourselves that there is still good in the world, even amongst everything that is happening.