NBA draft picks surprise onlookers

Rhys McLenithan, Staff Writer

The NBA draft, aired Nov.18, was hosted by Commissioner Adam Silver. The Minnesota Timberwolves had the first overall pick, and with their selection they selected University of Georgia guard Anthony Edwards. A lot of talk was in the air about whether they would trade the pick or not, but in the end they picked the safe bet and picked a good scoring guard with star potential who they can pair with their already proven young core.

The Golden State Warriors were next up with the second pick. They selected James Wiseman, a center from the University of Memphis. The Warriors also were looking at trades for this pick, but with an unexpected injury to all-star wing Klay Thompson, they selected the big man, standing over 7 feet tall, whom they expect to make an immediate impact with Andrew Wiggins and Steph Curry.  

The Charlotte Hornets were up next with the third pick. They decided on LaMelo Ball, the youngest of the viral and famous Ball brothers. This was the best logical pick for the Hornets because they picked arguably the player with the most star potential in the draft. He will be the leader of the Hornets’ offense this upcoming year. There are a lot of questions about his game, but one thing you can’t deny is that they’re going to be a must-watch this season.

The Chicago Bulls had the fourth pick of the draft and selected Patrick Williams, the forward out of Florida State. A lot of people were wondering why the Bulls selected him at fourth due to him being a 6th man in college. But he has plenty upside to grow into his role in a needed position for the young Bulls roster.

With the fifth pick, the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Isaac Okoro, a forward from Auburn. He still has to develop his shot but he’s a proven defender and passer, he has plenty of time to grow into a shooter for this rebuilding Cavaliers team. But his immediate defensive presence is one the Cavaliers needs. 

There were plenty more picks in this 2020 NBA draft, and it’s looking to be one filled with sleeper picks and surprises.