District establishes Anti-Racism Committee

Amanda Fronczak, Humor Editor

TTSD established the Tigard-Tualatin Anti-Racism Committee last spring, and it is currently collaborating with the TTSD School Board to eliminate hate speech and bias Incidents in our district. 

The goal of this committee is to guide the school board in enforcing the anti-racism policy and the implementation of the Education, Accountability, Solutions, and Healing (EASH) method. This method aims to educate individuals on the impact of personal bias, hold schools accountable for implementing their policies, find solutions that change behavior and provide justice and offer healing to students who are victims of bias incidents. 

“Our main goal is to find and report all instances of hate speech and provide appropriate accountability measures to ensure justice,” Anti-Racism Committee member and Tualatin High School junior Naasei Lynn said. 

The committee is led by school board members and students who work with Superintendent Dr. Sue Rieke-Smith to provide students with the opportunity to have a voice in how hate speech and bias incidents are resolved. The committee hopes eliminating hate speech in our schools will establish a culture and community that makes all students feel protected and secure in our district. 

  “Our anti-racist culture will be pervasive. I would also expect it would permeate the surrounding community. This community will be known around the state and nation as a welcoming, affirming and supportive place for all diverse peoples to thrive,” Anti-Racism Committee member and school board member Marvin Lynn said. 

The Anti-Racism Committee hopes its work will have lasting effects and change the climate of TTSD.

Selfie of Naasei and Marvin Lynn