TuHS welcomes new coaches

Jaden Steppe, Staff Writer

After an amazing athletic performance last year for Tualatin High School’s football, wrestling and volleyball teams, this year, they all have new head coaches. 

Dom Ferraro is the new football coach. He has had 16 previous years of coaching at different high schools in Oregon. Ferraro has had a great start to the season, with a record of 4-0 as of press time. Tualatin is getting ready for a tough game against the number two ranked West Linn Lions. The Wolf interviewed Coach Ferraro and asked him some questions about the season.


What’s the biggest factor in this early season success? 

Our defense has been awesome. They are only giving up 14.8 points per game. Against our starters that number is about 10.0 ppg. We have faced some explosive offenses this year, and they have done an excellent job shutting teams down. Our senior leaders have also had a big impact on our team’s success. Guys like Jack Wagner, Drew Corcoran, Richie Anderson, and Dylan Munley have all stepped up to lead this team.”


Do you think the team has adjusted positively to the play book implemented this year? Yes, I think the team has adjusted to a new playbook. There were some similarities, so the players were able to transition from one playbook to the next. We still have not played at the tempo I would like, but part of that has been by design. Overall, I feel like the players are doing a great job adapting.”


What’s your favorite thing about coaching football?

I think my favorite thing about coaching is the relationships you build with others at school. I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing people during my time coaching including former and current players, coaches and school staff members. That makes it all worth it.”


How important is team chemistry and camaraderie in football?

Chemistry and camaraderie are very important to team success in football. Football is a sport that relies on all 11 players on the field, and there has to be a strong level of trust amongst teammates. You have to support one another and have each other’s back, regardless of the situation. It is something you have to constantly maintain.”


Who is the leader on the team?

Jack Wagner stands out as one of our leaders. He is one of our captains, he is on our leadership council, and does a great job leading by example. He is the leader of our offense during the game and is tasked with handling a lot of responsibilities on each play. He’s doing a great job.”


What is it like being in the most competitive league in Oregon for the first time?

It’s a fun challenge to compete in this league. The competition level on a week-to-week basis is really strong. You are facing some of the top teams in the state on a weekly basis, and it forces you to give it your best.”


Ferraro is on his way to building on the legacy of success at Tualatin. TuHS welcomes all of our new coaches. Good luck with your first seasons!