Lend Me A Tenor gets rave review

Lupita Ruiz, Staff Writer

This year, the Tualatin theatre program decided to perform the play Lend me a Tenor, by Ken Ludwig. The play takes place in the 1934 in a hotel suit as Henry Saunders played by Nathan Nelson, general manager of the Cleveland Grand Opera Company, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of famous opera singer, Tito Merelli. Saunders leaves his assistant Max, played by senior Sean Nelson, to take care of Merelli. Everything takes a turn when Max and Saunders think Tito Merelli is dead and now Max must pretend to be him. The show was bright and felt fresh. It was definitely something the typical audience at Tualatin had never seen before but it worked and people loved it. The Wolf interviewed junior Tegan Kelley, who played the character Maggie, and junior Madison McDonald, who played Julia, to see what it was like to be part of an amazing show.


L: What is your favorite part of being in Lend me a Tenor?


M: The cast because, since it was a smaller show, we got really close, and I made better friends in the theatre department. I’m thankful for all of them


T: My favorite part was seeing the bond between the cast and crew grow with the eight weeks we had to work on this production. I’m really proud of all the work that not just the actors put in, but our amazing crew put so much effort into making this production



L: In what ways has the Tualatin theatre program benefited you?


M:I feel like I have a support system if I ever need something. It’s a good stress reliever, and it makes school more enjoyable!


T: It has helped me build more confidence. I remember wanting to drop theatre freshman year because I was so nervous, and it has helped me be able to perform in front of a larger audience.


L: What was your favorite line/scene in the show?


M: My character’s exists were my favorite part because my character is dramatic. “And so I fly.”


T: My favorite scene was definitely the opening scene with mine and Sean’s character fighting about our love. Also, I really enjoyed saying “Max” in a whiny voice!