How business owners are returning from COVID-19 


Logo courtesy of Creative Supply Co.

Emma Regimbald, Staff Writer

It is no secret that COVID-19 has had a lasting impact on the lives of many, particularly with business owners experiencing drastic changes. Even now, over two years into this ordeal, the pandemic hasn’t lessened its influence over local business. 

To learn more about this topic, The Wolf interviewed Nick Jordan, the owner of Creative Safety Supply, LLC.


What were the main issues you dealt with during COVID as a business owner? 

“Since we are mainly a visual safety company, we saw an opportunity and quickly pivoted our entire company, sales team, marketing team and production team to focus on COVID-related signage…. At the same time, we had to send half of our employees to work from home…. After a few weeks things settled in and we functioned as best we could for just over a year like this. As companies and people started slowly returning to a new normal, getting people to return to the office came with challenges. Some employees did not want to return.”  


Have you had any issues with employee shortages? 

“Yes. In between trying to return people to the office, losing some employees and trying to interview and find employees willing to work, we have dealt with some shortages. Turnover was higher than normal for about 6-9 months.”

As our community recovers from COVID, business owners are overcoming challenges and adjusting to the new normal.