How to romanticize your spring break: staycation edition 


Graphic by Peyton Anderson.

Victoria Gillard, Sports Editor

As your fellow peers are on tropical get-a-ways during spring break while you are stuck at home with no plans, you don’t have to be jealous. Instead, romanticize your week at home during the break. Here are some things you can do to refrain from being slumped on your couch all week wishing you were anywhere else. 


  • Go to the beach 

If you can’t be on the sandy beaches in Hawaii or Mexico, you can take some friends or drive solo to the Oregon Coast. While you are there, you can window shop, have a cute picnic on the sand and even take a dip in the ocean – though this will probably be more of a cold plunge. You may experience some mild shivering and teeth chattering, but you will most definitely feel rejuvenated and alive by the time you leave. 


  • Read a book

Though you are probably tired of anything even remotely associated with school by now, finding a book you actually enjoy can be the perfect way to temporarily escape your reality of being at home. 


  • Board night 

If you don’t know what board night is, you are missing out! Get all of your friends to bring over a board full of snacks of their choice, potluck style. Some popular board nights include Chick-fil-A boards, charcuterie boards, dessert boards or even sushi boards. This is a super fun way to be creative and have a fun time with your friends or family over the break.                                     


  • Relax

Another thing you can do to occupy your time is have a little spa day. Doing some self care is always a good way to relax and get your mind off of school. Not to mention, you always feel like a new person after doing a facemask and taking an “everything” shower. Self care can also consist of getting your favorite snacks and watching your favorite feel-good shows or movies. To really amp up the vibe, you can light a candle and make some tea or hot chocolate to pair with your relaxation. 


  • Binge watch a show

Having some time off from school is the perfect time to finally binge watch that one show you haven’t been able to get fully immersed in due to the piles of homework you’re expected to do instead. A new season of Outer Banks just dropped, and it’s a pretty ideal show to watch if you want to escape the rain outside of your window without actually moving from your bed. 


  • Go on a hike

To get the absolute most out of your week on break, you can go on a hike and take in an adventure in the great outdoors! There are so many beautiful hikes in Oregon that are waiting for you to explore. Plus, a little exercise never hurts. 


  • Get a spray tan 

The UV rays in Oregon aren’t exactly superb right now, but you can take a quick trip to Palm Beach Tan if you want to return to school looking like you just flew in from Mexico minutes before English class. The only downfall of this idea is that your sheets might be stained with the scent of burnt rubber and cocoa butter for the next week, but who doesn’t love that every once in a while! Honestly, the tan might be worth the smell. Once you are able to get past the lingering scent, your seasonal depression will simultaneously disappear as your tan develops. 


We hope this gave you some fun ideas to occupy yourself during Spring Break if you are unable to escape the dreary weather here in Oregon. Hang in there – only a few months left of school.