Seniors look ahead to summer plans


Photograph of Senior Matthew Kang appreciating his surroundings in Cabo San Lucas. Kang will be heading to Korea to visit family this summer.

Kent Pham, Staff Writer

Another school year has flown by, and many of us eagerly anticipate our summer plans. For some, this is a chance to relax and recharge before making the next big step in life after high school. 

Three seniors, Kiki Kinnaman, Matthew Kang and Kelly Nguyen, are excited to share their summer plans. As their last summer before they head toward four-year universities, the soon-to-be graduates are eager to make the most of it. 

“I’m spending time with my new nephew down in Korea, as well as visiting family,” Kang said. 

For some, moving away from family for lengthy amounts of time is completely new and foreign, so it’s important to spend time with your loved ones before leaving.

“I think moving out will give me a breath of fresh air that I definitely need. And I’m also excited to take on adult life by myself,” Kang said.

Kinnaman is also taking measures to spend time with those important to her. 

“I’m taking my senior trip to Cabo San Lucas with my close friends. I’m excited to spend the week relaxing by the beach and exploring,” Kinnaman said. 

Of course, summer break will not be entirely fun and games. Numerous seniors will be preparing for college or working on other post-grad goals. Nguyen is already planning her transition from Tualatin to her university, CalPoly. 

“I’m going down to CalPoly early for orientation this summer and visiting the campus,” Nguyen said. “I’m very excited to move to California for school but also very nervous to move so far away.” 

Whatever they decide to do, one thing is obvious. This summer will represent a significant turning point in their lives as they will have made the first big decision. Whether it is to continue their education, join the workforce, build new skills and interests or simply take a well-deserved break, this summer symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter for the Class of 2023.