New generation of activists leave their mark on world

Maya Brisan

Gender equality. Climate change. Politics. Racism. There are many issues around the world that inspire people to get on their feet and make their voices heard.  Often, the individuals who protest can start a reaction on a global scale.

Many young activists have spoken up about their beliefs in the past years, including Greta Thunberg, who fights for the environment. Isra Hirsi is another young woman who stands up for her beliefs. She is 16 and is a social justice and climate advocate. Bruno Rodriguez, 19 years old, is another climate activist who has initiated walk-outs in his hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Malala Yousafzi, a young Pakistani woman who was shot by the Taliban, fights for women’s rights and education in her country and abroad.

However, you don’t need to be famous to speak up about these issues. Here at Tualatin High School, there are many students who are passionate about these subjects. These students speak up and can make a change in our school and community.


Eilan Keister (9):

Q: What are you an advocate for/ what have you protested about?

A: I am an advocate for numerous different issues but I mostly advocate for humans to recognize animal rights and the climate crisis.

Q: What led you to focus on these problems? What beliefs or ideals brought your attention to these certain protests?

A: A couple of years ago I saw some slaughterhouse footage in a piggery in the US. The pigs were all screaming and crying as they died and I could not stand it, but I watched the entire thing and did a ton of research. I became an advocate for the animals who are treated like objects in an opressive system such as a farming situation. My climate activism followed as I learned how much of a negative impact animal agriculture has on the Earth.

Q: What do you hope is the outcome for these protests?                                                       

I hope to inspire love and connection into the hearts of everyday people. My message is simply that everyone can make a difference if they use love and compassion. Love is one of the most contagious things, and we as a society tend to ignore problems in the world if they don’t affect us, and that’s no way to live. We as people and consumers have the power to do great things.