Meet The Wolf: Co-Editors Elle and Kaitlyn say goodbye

Stella Fetherston, Staff Writer

This edition’s “Meet The Wolf” focuses on Elle Sherman and Kaitlyn Gearin, our current editors-in-chief. Even though it’s hard to say good-bye to our seniors, read on as these two share their experiences, laughs and good memories from working on staff.

Q: Why did you join The Wolf?
E: I joined The Wolf staff due to my love for writing.
K: I joined The Wolf staff as a sophomore because I enjoyed writing, and my brother was Editor-in-Chief at the time, so I thought it would be fun.

Q: What is your fondest memory  from working on the newspaper?
E: Paste up for sure! Even though it’s quite a stressful night, it’s also so much fun. We eat tons of food, listen to the best playlists (thanks, Jake!) and work extremely hard in order to put out the best product. I’m definitely going to miss it.
K: Definitely all of the paste-up nights. We stay at the school late, Lacy brings brownies and we have a lot of fun together while finishing up the issue. Also, I love looking through the papers when we get them back from the printer. It is always so rewarding to see the final product and know that our hard work paid off.

Q: Can you describe your favorite part of working as editor-in-chief ?
E: Collaborating with the staff! We used our voices to ensure that each issue of The Wolf contained messages of utmost importance. Everyone brings a unique perspective to the table and it has been a joy to see it all unfold. Also, my co-editor-in-chief and partner through it all! Kaitlyn is so talented and I have absolutely loved working with her. <3
K: My favorite part has probably been working with everyone on staff to come up with exciting ideas and bring these ideas to life in each issue. This year, our community on staff is great and everyone works so well together, which has been really fun to see. Also, I have of course loved working alongside Elle as co-editors-in-chief! <3

Q: What’s your favorite section to write in and why?
E: I love writing for the entertainment section. The monthly horoscope story will be dearly missed.
K: I would have to say entertainment as well! The content is always fun and the stories are super interesting to read and write. Plus, my friend Manasi Sridhar and I wrote the PDX Food Tour column all of last year, which gave us the opportunity to try many new restaurants and eat lots of delicious food for reporting purposes!

Q: What are some of your hobbies that you enjoy outside of the newspaper?
E: Swimming, listening to music, painting, online shopping and pinteresting.
K: Running, baking, hiking, painting and eating mini marshmallows.

Q: Has working on The Wolf staff taught you anything
that you apply to different areas of your life?
E: Definitely. Being a part of The Wolf staff has been incredibly rewarding because it has helped strengthen my leadership skills. It also has taught me the importance of using my voice even if no one likes what I have to say.
K: Yes! While working on The Wolf staff I have become a better leader, and I have learned to embrace a little bit of chaos in times of stress. Also, I’m sure my InDesign skills will come in handy someday!