Succulents improve health, require little care

Sean Khanna, Staff Writer

Simply put, succulents are plants that store water in their stems and leaves. These popular plants are often grown indoors for their many advantages. Interested in what all the hype was around succulent plants, I decided to purchase my own at The Home Depot. They carry a wide variety of succulents. I’ve absolutely loved caring and growing my Elephant Bush, and I will be going over why you should consider picking up a succulent, as well.

Require little maintenance

Succulents are hardy plants by nature, and are able to withstand extreme water and temperature conditions. For instance, succulents only need to be watered every 1-2 weeks and are also able to survive in low-light conditions, although exposure to sunlight is recommended. Many succulents can be fit inside a small pot with some potting soil – preferably dry soil – and grow very quickly!

Come in all shapes and sizes

There are thousands of types of succulents, ranging from cacti to air plants, each with their own unique shapes, sizes and colors. Not only this, but altering the amount of water and sunshine your succulents get can change the color of the plants to red, purple or orange. So the next time you go to your local garden store to look for succulents, chances are that you’ll find the one for you.

Numerous health benefits

Succulents not only are easy to care for and look great, but have health-related benefits as well. Some of these include purifying the air, improving the humidity – great for sore throats and itchy skin – as well as adding fresh oxygen to your home. Unlike regular plants, succulents don’t release carbon dioxide during the night. Instead, they continue to produce oxygen throughout the day, which leads to more benefits, such as deeper sleep and reduction of anxiety attacks. Also, as Richard Louv explains in his book Last Child in the Woods, consistent exposure to nature — even in the form of houseplants — can help people focus better. I have experienced this, as my succulent has helped increase my attention span during online classes. Although it’s hard to explain why (maybe because it consistently produces oxygen?), I found myself more engaged in my classes and energized throughout the day after purchasing my succulent.

As you can see, succulents are associated with countless benefits. They also don’t cost much – many can be bought for under $5 – so make sure to give them a try!

Photo credits: Sean Khanna The photo of the Elephant Bush on the left was taken on April 18, and the photo on the right was taken on May 11. Comparing the two photos, many new leaves have sprouted and grown from the stems during the three weeks, and the plant appears to be healthy.