The Wolf staff reflects on being back at school

Anna Sherman, Asst. Sports Editor

After the crazy year of online school, students are finally back in the classroom.  The Wolf staff were presented with the question, “Now that you’re back in school, what have been your ‘aha’ moments?”


“Being back in school has made me realize how much I missed those random interactions you have during a school day that make you smile. From saying hi to your friends in the hall to having side conversations with your teachers and classmates, those little moments make being back in person so special.”

-Amanda Fronczak, assistant humor editor


“After being away from school for so long, I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it! Sports games, clubs, extra-curriculars, and even classes themselves are so much more fun than I was anticipating.”

-Cyrah Carlson, assistant fold editor


“That the deadlines for assignments are not suggestions anymore, and I can’t just sleep during classes.”

-Akash Balakumara, staff writer


“Procrastinating work is really great in the moment, but really difficult to come back from. It’s more stressful to procrastinate and then have to do it later than just doing it on time in the first place. I also have discovered that I have to elbow people in the hallway if I’m going to get anywhere in a timely manner.”

-Olivia Trone, bilingual editor


“Honestly, I forgot what it was like to get ready every day.”

-Taryn Coulson, sports editor 


There are so many conversations that you miss in online school, and when we’re back in person I can really appreciate the importance of those ‘smaller’ social interactions.”

-Stella Fetherston, co-editor-in-chief


“That it’s way better to learn math concepts in person rather than online.”

-Andrew Epp, bilingual editor


“I forgot how much easier and fun it was to work and stay focused on assignments compared to working on them individually at home.”

-Sean Khanna, business manager


“I realized I had less time for homework than last year because of the added commute times. This has forced me to work on being a better time manager.”

-Kayla Wolf, news editor 


“The moment when I had to take a physics test in one period.”

-Hannah Figueroa, co-editor-in-chief