Caleb Lakeman inspires incoming freshmen

Karys Gates, Staff Writer

As the school year starts up, so do  fall sports. Cross country is one of Tualatin High School’s fall sports that is enjoyed by a lot of participating athletes. This fall, senior Caleb Lakeman has had one heck of a season setting some insane records and becoming a top athlete in the nation for his 5k time.   

How do you feel about your season so far?

“I feel pretty good about my season so far. It’s gone better than I thought it was going to go, which I’m really grateful for.”

What’s been your biggest motivation throughout the years?

“Aaron [my brother] is probably my biggest motivation. It is really fun to train with him day in and day out, so that’s been a really cool dynamic to have.”

Do you have any plans for running after high school?”

“I plan to run at a D1 college. I don’t know what college yet, but I want to run cross country and track.”

Many young, new freshmen athletes have been inspired and motivated by all of Lakeman’s accomplishments, hard work and determination. We wanted to take a deeper look into their season and how it has been going.

  What’s been your biggest motivation throughout the season?

 Freshman Sydney Smith: “My biggest motivations have been to improve and continue to get better and also my teammates. Everyone’s been so supportive.” 

Freshman Andrew Gerlach: “My motivation has been other athletes, our team and coaches. They really help me at practice and in meets.” 

 Freshman Marc Khanna: “My teammates, especially seeing Caleb have so much motivation, and he’s really helped push me through the races, and it’s crazy how many races he’s won and that he’s number one in the school.  I want to be like him in the future.”

  What are your goals for the rest of the season?

 Smith: “I want to continue to improve and break 23 minutes.” 

 Gerlach: “Some goals that I have for the rest of the season are just to keep running, get together with people and teammates outside of cross country and to have fun.” 

Khanna: “One main goal I want to accomplish by the end of high school is to run varsity, but for this season I want to keep a constant pace and up the tempo in some races.”

  Do you have any future plans for running?

Smith: “I’m looking forward to track this spring and the running rest of my high school career.” 

Gerlach: “I want to keep running throughout the summer and winter with teammates and to keep training.” 

 Khanna: “I plan to do cross country all throughout high school.”

All in all, Lakeman has had a huge impact on many of his teammates.  His motivation and dedication to the sport has definitely paid off. With guidance from Lakeman and other seniors, many new athletes at Tualatin high School will likely become the future stars of the cross country team.