TuHS welcomes new ASB

Photo courtesy of David Jones

Photo courtesy of David Jones

Lucy Lyons, Staff Writer

It’s official: the Associated Student Body (ASB) officers for the 2022-23 school year was announced on Friday, May 20. They include:


Seniors officers: Sarah Craner, Amanda Fronczak, David Jones, Aaron Lakeman, Hudson Llanes, Naasei Lynn, Jonathan Mercado, Lianna Smith


Juniors officers : Henry Findtner, Elizabeth Graham, Amity Humphrey, Kevin Jiricek, Sawyer Johnson, Simon Phipps, Hunter Smith, Olivia Trone 


Sophomores officers: Emmy Clanton, Calvin Evans, Calleigh Germer, Sydney McDonald, Lea Olivares Raudes, Sky Rowe, Kayla Vo, Amelia Ward


Freshmen officers: Olivia Pham, Aero Nguyen, Benjamin Fong, Sloane Christianson, Sophia Grove, Maxwell Minus, Addison Rice, Dalia Torres


Newly elected sophomore Hunter Smith is excited for his first year on ASB. Smith is involved in several other school activities, such as football, cheer and track. Outside of school, he holds a leadership position in Boy Scouts. He originally wanted to join freshman year, but distance learning due to COVID restrictions going online prevented that. 

“I wanted to take my chances this year and see how I can benefit the school,” he said.

Smith believes that his ability to communicate with others will be beneficial during his time in ASB, supporting his goals to bring the school together. He hopes to add more inclusivity to TuHS by giving more attention to previously underrepresented clubs and activities.

The Wolf also interviewed the iconic duo Aaron Lakeman and David Jones in order to get insight into their history with ASB, as well as uncover their plans for their final year. Lakeman said he was inspired by his sister to join ASB. He knew the amazing experiences and memories she made. 

Jones, on the other hand, joined because his sister’s boyfriend recommended it to him. He explained his freshman year on ASB as a weird experience. 

“It’s like family, and when you first go in, it’s a little awkward, but once you get to know everyone, you realize that these people have your back. There’s always someone there to help you,” he said.

For his senior year, Jones plans to direct assemblies and take time to listen to the student voice. 

Lakeman hopes to focus on events for the school that get more of the student body involved.

Lakeman plans to be  a director of a committee. He’s not sure which one specifically, but he wants to focus on events for the school that get more of the student body involved. 

ASB provides events and services for our school all year long. We are all looking forward to what this group, filled both with veterans and fresh faces, plans for TuHS next!