Skill at the World Cup leads clubs to make new signings 


Graphic by Isabella Kneeshaw.

Ahmed Altuhafi, Staff Writer

The 2022 World Cup was nothing short of exceptional, and it has shed light on hidden talent that players showcased throughout the tournament. Here are some of the most notable players who’ve been signed into new clubs following their outstanding performances in the tournament. 

Beloved by many Mexican fans for his incredible performance at every World Cup – and for his great looks – Guillermo Ochoa was the former goalkeeper for Club América. Mexico didn’t make it far in the tournament. In fact, it was their first time not qualifying for the Round of 16 in 44 years. With that said, he was a key reason the team even came close to having a chance at progressing, saving a penalty shot against the Polish 2021-22 season highest scorer Robert Lewandowski. It was because of this he kept a clean sheet against Poland and was later signed for Serie A club Salernitana. 

While he wasn’t a big goal contributor to Portugal’s World Cup run, Cristiano Ronaldo did help out in some of their attacking runs. Having a mutual consent termination of his contract following his explosive debate with Piers Morgan, he was left clubless after the end of the tournament. Due to a lack of options, he signed for Al-Nassr FC, a Saudi club who offered him a whopping $214 million per year, making him the highest paid athlete of all time. 

After the German club Bayern Munich lost their first choice goalkeeper Manuel Nuer due to a skiing injury, they were in the market for a new goalie. Having won the last 10 consecutive seasons of the German league Bundesliga, Bayern didn’t waste any time looking for a superb goalkeeper who can help them keep the title before the second half of the season. Bayern reached an agreement to sign Yann Sommer from Gladbach, another German club. Sommer was an exceptional goalkeeper at the World Cup, making crucial saves for an out-of-form Switzerland team. 

It’s always fun seeing a surprising amount of skill surface from a player who just needed some spotlight. Clubs are always on the lookout for areas in which they can improve on the pitch, so keep your eyes peeled for more signings to come!