Senior athletes make college commitments


Photo by Ralph Greene of Senior Maya Loudd taking the ball down the field.

Tullia Salboro, Staff Writer

For senior athletes the year has been full of bittersweet final games, senior nights, scouting, recruitment trips and the never-ending list of college responsibilities to take care of. Maya Loudd, a senior who has committed to play soccer for the University of Washington, shared the steps leading up to her ultimate decision.


How long have you been participating in your sport?

Loudd: “I’ve been participating in soccer ever since I can remember. I played a lot of sports when I was younger but stuck with soccer because it was always my favorite.”


Did you do any club teams or private coaching?

Loudd: “I do play club soccer. I’ve played with the same club all throughout middle and high school now called the Northwest Elite ECNL. Club is really important for pursuing soccer in college. It’s where the majority of the recruiting happens. Very little happens through playing soccer for the high school.”


How did you decide on UW?

Loudd: “For me choosing UW was pretty straightforward. It was important when picking a school that I also enjoyed the outside-of-soccer life, considering I would be living there for the next four years. UW is just close enough but also far enough from home and has great academics and a great campus, so it made my decision very easy.”


What do you love about soccer that you hope to find at UW?

Loudd: “I love playing soccer at a high level and competing. That’s one thing I’m super excited I will get to keep going into UW and getting to play soccer at the Division 1 level. I always found that I perform best and have the most fun against super high-level players and teams.”


Another senior, Will Wilson, has committed to play football for Northern Arizona University and shared his process as well as hopes for what is to come.


How long have you played football?

Wilson: “I’ve been participating in football since 4th grade. It has been an amazing experience playing all my seasons at Tualatin. I built friendships with my teammates.”


Did you do any club teams or private coaching?

Wilson: “I did do private coaching over the years to help with multiple things. It really helps you to be able to get faster and stronger, which is something that is very important in football.”


What was the process to get recruited?

Wilson: “The process is really long and can be very stressful. It really begins once you start playing varsity football, being able to reach out your film to various football coaches. And when you get their attention based on your film, you have an opportunity to get offered if you meet their expectations.” 

Photo by K2DigitalPhoto of Tualatin senior Will Wilson holding down the defense.