TuHS seniors engage in adrenaline-fueled Senior Assassin game


Photograph of Tualatin seniors Mackenzie Mathis (left) and Maren MacDonald makeing a plan to eliminate another senior by Kendal Niemi. MacDonald went on to win the game.

Lucy Lyons, Opinion Editor

At Tualatin High School, a thrilling game called Senior Assassin has taken hold, where players compete against each other by spraying their classmates with water guns. The objective is to successfully eliminate one’s target while avoiding being eliminated by the player targeting them. It’s a high-stakes game where alliances are formed and shattered, with unexpected twists and friendship betrayals that keep everyone on the edge of their seats. 

The 82 TuHS seniors that have signed up to play are competing for a grand prize of $410. 

To begin the game, seniors signed up and paid an entry fee of $5, which would make up the prize money. As the game unfolded, each participating senior was assigned a target: a fellow classmate they must eliminate within a designated time frame. But here’s the catch: only safe zones, such as school, school-sanctioned events, places of employment, or any place a player volunteers, offer shelter from the lurking threats. 

One contender has stood out from the rest with a high number of assassinations. We had the opportunity to sit down with this player, Maren MacDonald, who agreed to share insights into her journey as a senior assassin. 

MacDonald saw this game as a perfect opportunity to make memories, have fun and win the grand prize money. Throughout the game, she has faced several challenges that tested her assassin abilities. MacDonald has waited hours outside of her targets’ houses, survived car chases and even avoided her own friends trying to eliminate her. However, she has still managed to obtain an impressive number of assassinations.

“It’s so scary,” MacDonald said. “There’s such an adrenaline rush, and then fear that someone is about to get me. I love it though.” 

MacDonald’s most memorable assassination was when she eliminated her own friend, Mackenzie Mathis.

“I hid outside of Mack’s house. When I got her, she tripped and fell into a bush.” 

Her other successes involve waiting outside of someone’s work, and even inviting an unknowing target into her car to be surprised with a water gun. 

If Maren wins, she plans to use the prize money on shopping and probably Starbucks. She also plans to give a small amount to her friends who have helped her along the way. 

To make the game better for next year, MacDonald advises people to keep their targets a secret. 

“It’s boring when everyone knows who has who,” she said. “There’s no surprise. It’s more fun to not know who has you or who’s hiding behind your house.”

At Tualatin High School, the tradition of a Senior Assassin game continues to captivate students and fosters a sense of community as seniors strategize, form alliances and compete against one another.