Tualatin’s Class of 2023 valedictorians reflect on high school experience


Valedictorians Benjamin Wyland, Reyne Miller, Thomas Monkarsh, Timmy Parsons, Quinn Thompson, Claire Roach, Remus Repcak, Amanda Fronczack, Alison Zeikle, Isabella Kneeshaw, Ashley Tran and Avery Pratt photographed receiving their valedictorian awards by Shem Malone.

Akash Balakumar, Business Manager/Web Editor/Social Media & Marketing/Co-News Editor

The Class of 2023 experienced a multitude of life-changing events throughout their time at Tualatin High School, yet 17 of these seniors managed to keep an unweighted 4.0 GPA and were named valedictorian. Tualatin High School’s Class of 2023 valedictorians are as follows: Sarah Craner, Amanda Fronczack, Isabella Kneeshaw, Lydia Magnuson, Quinn McMillen, Reyne Miller, Thomas Monkarsh, Timmy Parsons, Avery Pratt, Remus Repcak, Claire Roach, Quinn Thompson, Ashley Tran, Nicole Williams, Benjamin Wyland, Avery Walters and Alison Zeikle. The Wolf met with these outstanding individuals to learn about what went on behind the scenes.


What were some of the challenges you faced and how did you balance your life?

Pratt: “Finding time to study and finish homework assignments with soccer practices being so far away and often [was a challenge]. I always made school a priority, and if I was feeling overwhelmed I would skip practice to get caught up on school.”

Zeikle: “It was very challenging to balance school work with spending time with my family and friends as well as work and volunteering. Junior year mainly consisted of me sacrificing sleep so that I would have time for all of those other things.”


What are your tips to maintain a 4.0 GPA?

Monkarsh: “Do every single assignment on time. Turn in everything. Study for hard tests. Ask peers for help and peers who already took courses.”

Tran: “Cry.”

Fronczak: “Ask your teachers questions and study as much as you can for tests.”

Kneeshaw:Don’t tell my middle school and freshman year teachers, but I’m living proof that you don’t need a planner or Cornell notes to keep a 4.0.“


What are some underrated school hacks to get good grades?

Fronczak: “Handwrite your notes. Use a thesaurus when you write your essays. ASK QUESTIONS even if you’re embarrassed or 99% positive about something. Drinking coffee every morning also helped me get a 4.0 I swear.”

Pratt: “Studying the night before lowkey always worked for me.”

Monkarsh:Talk to teachers and get to know them. If your grade is close, talk to them to find a way to up it. Take any opportunity for extra points ALWAYS take test retakes, free homework, and extra credit.”

Wyland: “Studying the night before.”

Kneeshaw: “My most productive moments have been when I’m doing my work for other classes in another class.”


What class almost caused you to lose your 4.0 GPA?

Monkarsh: “Advanced English 9 with Beeler or IB Math AA HL 2 with Peeters Weem.”

Magnuson: “IB AA HL2 with Peeters Weem.”

Tran: “IB Math SL2/HL 1 with Younger.”


What was your worst symptom of senioritis?

Wyland: “Just stopped doing school for the most part after IB testing.”

Williams: “Having zero motivation to do the last of my assignments even though they could’ve been done a while ago.”


What was the lowest point of your high school academic career?

Fronczak: “The end of junior year.”

Magnuson: “Junior year during IB exams.”

Zeikle: “Right before my junior year Math Analysis SL 2 final.”


What is the most special part about being valedictorian?

Pratt: “That my hard work finally paid off, and I know I earned it because of my academic integrity.”

Fronczak: “Knowing that all my hard work was worth it. Looking back and seeing that I accomplished my goal and knowing freshman-year me would have been so proud.”

Tran: “The validation.”


What are your plans after Tualatin High School?

Pratt: “Elementary education or marketing at Linfield University.”

Fronczak: “Business/marketing at Florida State University.”

Wyland: “Mechanical Engineering and possibly a double major in another field of engineering at Oregon State University.”

Williams: “I am currently undecided but will be attending Brigham Young University (BYU).”

Magnuson: “Nutritional Science Major and Spanish Minor at University of Arizona’s Honors College.”

Zeilke: “Business Administration at Biola University.”

Tran: “Biochemistry and Biophysics with a neuroscience concentration at Oregon State University.

Monkarsh: Psychology at University of Oregon.”