Teachers reflect on Senior Class as year ends


Photo by Olivia Beauchemin of physics teacher Chris Murray taking a moment to con- sider his advice for seniors.

Olivia Beauchemin, Staff Writer

The Class of ‘23’s reign is coming to an end. Despite the pandemic, it’s been a great four years for them. Each senior has their own plan for what they want to accomplish after graduation, with at least 304 planning to go on to higher education and four planning to join the military. Others plan to do a gap year, focus on work or are undecided. At the moment, 23 students have signed to play sports in college while they further their education.  

Many seniors don’t know what to expect after high school, so The Wolf asked teachers to pass on some words of wisdom to the graduates. These teachers gave advice, a description of the Senior Class and told us what they wish they knew going into the future. Teachers Heidi Gorka, Anthony Mooney, Chris Murray, Andrew Egan and Theresa McCaffrey all had something to say. 


What advice do you have for the Senior Class? 

Gorka: “Don’t rush through life. You have plenty of time to make big decisions.” 

Mooney: “Wherever you go, make sure you look good.” 

Murray: “Try things you think you might like, and even things you think you don’t like.” 

Egan: “Your life is yours, so take charge. Get advice and take input from trusted people, but make your own decisions to sculpt your life to be what you want.” 

McCaffrey: “Be unafraid to be your true self, and lean into your life with your hearts forward.”


What do you wish you knew going into college? 

Gorka: “I wish I knew how to study better. It took me until my junior year to figure out my best method.” 

Mooney: “It’s expensive, so try to find ways to cut the cost.” 

Murray: “Study with friends, go to extra lab sessions, network with faculty and internships.” 

Egan: “I wish I knew how important relationships are. Relationships with old friends, new friends, professors and everyone you interact with at school. And how tending to these relationships can be more beneficial than the content you learn in class.” 

McCaffrey: “I wish I knew it’s okay to explore and not know what I want yet. I wish I knew that my job was to nurture my mind, not check things off on a to-do list. To be willing to have novel experiences, try things you’ve never considered for yourself before. Travel, make friends with different people and get out of your comfort zone.” 


How would you describe this Senior Class? 

Gorka: “Excited to start a new life!” 

Mooney: “They’re a great set of students that I really enjoyed as seniors. I wish them all the best.”

Murray: “Hard working and smart as hell.” 

Egan: “Thoughtful and contemplative.”

Mccaffrey: “They’re cocooned, but they’re full of potential. They’re the Covid kids. They’re in their little Covid cocoons and need to learn how to fly.” 


When asked what stereotype fits the Class of ‘23 the best, the majority of the teachers didn’t know how to answer. Several said that they are all unique in their own way, and the class is very diverse. However, Murray said the best stereotype to fit the Class is “Bookish.”