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Ahmed Altuhafi photographed by Isabella Kneeshaw.
Ahmed Altuhafi
Co-Feature & Web Editor

Day in the life of rec basketball player starts early

Photo courtesy of Dylan Brenton

Meet Brock Brenton, the intrepid rec basketball enthusiast, as he embarks on his daily game-day ritual with a zealous determination usually reserved for Olympic athletes. At an early hour of 6 a.m., the shrill chirping of his alarm clock serves as the herald of a day drenched in basketball glory. Ignoring the groans of his sleepy subconscious, Brenton summons the strength to rise and shine—literally.

His breakfast on these Saturday game days is always the same. After his shower, he starts his meditation with his Vietnamese herbal tea. After 30 minutes of visualization of his daily emotions and the game to come, Brenton stretches for an hour, truly freeing himself, first mentally and then physically. 

Having achieved an elevated state of mindfulness, Brock addresses a critical decision of the day: what to wear to the rec game. With the gravitas of a fashion icon preparing for a runway show, he meticulously selects the outfit that will best portray his inner emotions. Each piece of clothing, from headband to mismatched socks, holds the promise of enhancing his court prowess.

While most rec players would casually saunter onto the court at 9:30 a.m. for the game at 10, Brenton transforms his pre-game routine into an elaborate ceremony. He arrives at 8:30 a.m. to watch the other games before he gets ready to play his. The game, though inherently laid-back, transforms into a battlefield under Brenton’s watchful eye. Every bounce of the ball echoes with the weight of a championship. His teammates start to slowly become influenced by Brenton; they, too, show up early, ready to play with their pal Brenton.

The game starts and I can feel the energy radiating from Brenton and his teammates. They play fast and hard. They have a lot of passion and end up being up 16 points at halftime. The second half of the game is more of the same, as he and his teammates have an excellent game, beating the co-ed team by 42 points!

Post-game, Brenton meticulously documents his basketball experience in a personalized journal he will study and meditate with for the rest of the week. After he is finished jotting down his valuable thoughts, he is able to bless us with an interview. 

“Man, I’m just so thankful for this team. I don’t know what I’d do without them,” Brenton said. “Joey is so incredible too, man, I just get so giddy every Saturday knowing I get to compete with my brother.” 

Emotions take over after that, and he is swept into the crowd, but the crowd and I couldn’t be more proud.

 In the quiet of his post-game reverie, Brenton reveals the grandeur of his rec conquests as he and his team eat at the local Pieology to conclude the day. For Brenton it is more than just a casual game of basketball; it is a story about stretching, introspection and fashion choices. It is a day in the life of the rec basketball guru.

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Hi, My name is Jaden Walker Steppe! I am an athlete. I also love like to read, swim and listen to music. I travel to big cities on the weekends for sports. I joined The Wolf for the great experience and newspaper culture.

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